Brian's Bio

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Brian is a short story writer by trade, a humorist by nature, and a columnist by passion. Like all good humorists, he offers his slice of life for examination.

At one time he designed medical implants which he found tricky to fit. Unfunny.

That's the main part of his career. Although, he does live on a green island where rain falls horizontally most of the time. Consequently, he visits Spain regulatly.

You may (or may not) want to read on. 


The Life of Brian

The Life of Brian is a much different entity to Brian's actual life. This is called his alter ego. In it he provides his readers with quirky but funny insights.

This 'alter ego column' treats all subjects with equal  irreverence. He gets away with it because he bathes all subjects in  subtle humour. It is left to the reader to extract what he can from it.

Somehow, it seems to work. Check it out.

It could brighten your life.